Introducing the Dynamic Agent Network

We aim to provide our clients who are looking to relocate with unfettered access to some of the country’s top agents to gain the insights that only a local can provide.

Buying a new house can be a daunting experience, especially when moving to a new area. What neighborhoods will fit your needs? Where are the best schools? What are the entertainment options? And most importantly, how do you find the right agent to help you navigate through the process?

With the Dynamic Agent Network, we aim to make finding a home in a new city as stress-free as possible. Our hand-picked group of agents throughout the country is ready to assist you with whatever you need while answering all of your questions along the way. Instead of running the risk of entrusting your future to an inexperienced agent, you can rest easier knowing you’re working with the best of the best.

The Dynamic Agent Network will be with you every step of the way as you move forward.

What is the Dynamic Agent Network

For sellers looking to relocate to a new city or state, knowing all of the information about a new area is invaluable: from neighborhood differences and amenities, to home value and appreciation, to school systems and entertainment options, there are a number of factors to consider when making such a monumental decision.

The insights of top buyer’s agents in the area can be vital, and the Dynamic Agent Network connects many of those agents throughout the country in one place.

We aim to give our clients unfettered access to some of the country’s top agents to gain the insights that only a local can provide. We believe helping clients identify the best place for them to relocate, and then connecting them with that area’s best real estate agent, can add tremendous value while also alleviating a lot of stress.

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Experience the Dynamic Difference

The Dynamic Agent Network is completely different from a major national brokerage because it is focused on connecting the client to the best vetted agent in an identified city, regardless of the brokerage to which the agent belongs.

We have personally vetted our entire network in order to provide our clients access to only the top-producing agents in each area. Rest assured, with the Dynamic Agent Network you will be working with the best of the best

Why work with the Dynamic Agent Network

Oftentimes, potential buyers will use the same agent a friend or family member used when they moved to the area years ago, or they meet an agent at an open house and just start working with them. Yet others simply call their local real estate agent, who then refers a random agent within the same brokerage, without any vetting − often the primary focus is on how much of a referral fee they will get from the ultimate commission.

The Dynamic Agent Network has done all of the heavy lifting required to find the best agents around the country. We look for agents who are reputable, experienced, knowledgeable, responsive, analytical and client-centric.

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Benefits & offerings when working with us

  • Unbiased insights into the cities of the network

All of our agents have been vetted to ensure you are working with the best of the best.

  • Information about different state taxes and residency requirements

Learn what you’ll need to know in regards to tax codes and the differences between various cities and states.

  • Information and/or assistance with transportation

We can arrange private transportation as well as present you with commercial options, while also providing information on hotels and local attractions. (e.g., private and commercial), hotels, and local attractions

  • Reimbursement for some travel expenses

We will reimburse the buyer out of the final commission for some travel expenses. The amount that the buyer gets reimbursed will be related to the cost of the home purchased, and will be delivered in the form of a credit on the closing statement. The reimbursement of travel expenses only applies to the extent that you purchase a home with the agent we recommended.

  • Relocation services assistance

We can help assist you in whichever ways that would help make the search and remove as much stress as possible. For example, if you need movers, we have identified a network of movers that are appropriate for the various places and have different depth of services.

  • Support network in the new city

Our partner agents, will provide you with the network of support in the new city, from assistance with connecting you with the various utility providers, information on schools and country clubs, and explanations related to real property tax and income taxes in the various states.

How the Dynamic Process Works

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1. Informational Meeting

Meet with us to discuss what you are looking for in a new home and delve into the factors that are most important to you.

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2. Finding the right city

Choosing the best place for you to live while factoring in cost of living, tax structures, climate, and more.

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3. Choosing your agent

Once you’ve chosen your destination, we will make an introduction to the best buyer’s agent in the area while remaining available to you to answer any questions that may arise.

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