San Antonio


One of the fastest-growing cities in America, San Antonio offers its residents an outstanding quality of life with affordable housing, a diverse culture, and seemingly endless recreational activities.

At the heart of San Antonio lies River Walk, a 15-mile network of stone paths along the San Antonio River that connect hotels, shops, restaurants, theaters, and more. San Antonio also enjoys a number of theme parks, museums, and golf courses, as well as the #1 tourist attraction in all of Texas, The Alamo. The city also enjoys a fabulous restaurant scene, with a special focus on Tex-Mex; in fact, the Culinary Institute of America has one of its three campuses in San Antonio and focuses on Latin cuisine.

San Antonio is home to a thriving job market, with many industries such as healthcare, technology, and manufacturing offering great opportunities for professionals. This has contributed to an overall economic boom for the city, which in turn has led to a strong real estate market.

Texas’s favorable tax laws, combined with the city’s affordability and economy, have made San Antonio a popular destination for those looking to move out-of-state.

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